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My career as a photographer first began as a self-taught person and then I attended a training course at Milano Superstudio, a mecca for all internationally renowned photographers. I also recently participated in the Oliviero Toscani masterclass in Rimini.

Over the years, through my shots, I have been able to deal with various issues: from the world of fashion and entertainment, to social and cultural problems such as AIDS, violation of human rights, war and environmental degradation.

But my favorite subjects remain fashion and the world of entertainment: the faces and attitudes of celebrities, their way of presenting themselves, of offering themselves to the public, in a direct and spontaneous or articulated way and linked to appearance. Protagonists of the world of cinema and theater, self-centered and often full of illusions, the stars become a symbiosis of reality and fantasy, truth and suggestions. Through them you can immerse yourself in a dimension of dream and illusion, transfigure your existence, participate in something that is not there. The ephemeral seems to be transformed into tangible reality, appearing becomes seduction and the image becomes conquest.

Awards and acknowledgments

1° premio foto di cronaca - attrice e giurata sudcoreana Liang Jing Ke

The fall on the red carpet

First prize Venice Movie Stars Photography Award for the best news photo – President of the Jury the director Andrei Konchalovsky.

The photo captures the red carpet fall of South Korean actress and juror Liang Jing Ke at the 2016 Venice Film Festival of the Year.

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